What would be a stay in Sapa area if you don't bring back a few souvenirs home to show other people about the wonderful local culture ;-)


All our products are hand-made and are genuine work. No chinese crap or machine-made stuff like many shops in Sapa town.


Since it takes a long time to embroider a piece of work we can't guarantee you that we always have all the things listed below. Please ask us during your stay what we have for sell.


  • Dao jackets and tunics (Dao embroidery is very famous as the women only use silk dyied with natural roots to get the yellow color.) Men or women.
  • Traditionnal Dao hat for child.
  • Traditionnal Dao pants.
  • Traditionnal Dao breastplates (aluminium or silver pieces encrusted on them.)


  • Pillowcase.
  • Small bags to carry phones around.
  • Wallets.
  • Bracelet (aluminium, silver, etc...)
  • Breastplate silver pieces.
  • Keyrings.
  • etc...



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