Our projects

Here are our current projects. Our house is constantly improving in order to reduce it's environmental impact and, increase our guests' comfort.


  • Installing a solar panel. This would help supplying additionnal electric power to the house. We are currently using a small water turbine.
  • Improving the guests' rooms with better insulation for the cold months of winter.
  • Getting bigger and better mattress.
  • One major project is to build another room or two for our guests.
  • We would also improve our organic garden with extra seeds from Kokopelli seeds company (link.) Tomatoes dislikes our local weather conditions.

If you ever know people working in Vietnam in the insulation and/or solar power domains please contact us. We are really interested.


Last but not least, if you wish to help us even a little bit feel free to make a small donation. Thanks you !


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